I am Gauresh Kapoor, a high school senior at Springdales School, New Delhi. I have keen interest in coding, science, quizzing, and solving problems. I am driven by my desire to innovate and change the world. 

With a knack for perfection and a level-headed personality, I want to bring positive change to the community and create an impact. Sharing a keen interest in Computer Science and Physics, I have been actively involved in activities (internships and programs) to enhance my knowledge and move one step closer to my goals.


I have a strong academic record. My academic passion lies in Computer Science and compliments my firm belief of leveraging technology for positive change. 


Co-Founder, Sowing Smiles

AI Projects

Software Intern, ClearTax

Co-Founder, Carci-NO-gen

Co-Founder & Technical Head,

Evergrow (TYE)

Projects at ATL

1. Waste-water Management

2. Oceanic Temperature Probe


Queen's Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition

Gold Award, 2020 - "Climate Action in the Commonwealth"

Silver Award, 2019 - "A Connected Commonwealth"

SISC at National University of Singapore, Science Quiz

May 2018. Participated in Singapore International Science Summer Camp. Learned about the latest scientific developments and technologies from diverse domains such as medicine, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing. 

Gold Award, International Science Quiz

ClearTax Internship Certificate

Singapore International Science Camp, NUS

Please feel free to share your opinions and feedback. All inputs would be extremely helpful!

  EMAIL: gaureshkapoor@gmail.com

 CONTACT: +91 9871991051


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House Captain

Leading Peace House in Annual Sports Day and March-past as Captain