I am Gauresh Kapoor, a high school senior at Springdales School, New Delhi. I have a keen interest in coding, science, quizzing, and solving problems. I am driven by my desire to innovate and change the world. 

With a knack for perfection and a level-headed personality, I want to bring positive change to the community and create an impact. Sharing a keen interest for Computer Science and Physics, I have been actively involved in activities (internships and programs) to enhance my knowledge and move one step closer to my goals.


I have a strong academic record. My academic passion lies in Computer Science and compliments my firm belief in leveraging technology for positive change. 

In school, I am actively involved in leadership as a School Prefect and House Captain, and in clubs and organizations like the Computers Club and the Quiz Club. Apart from school activities, I like to work on social projects that can sustainably solve world crises. 

I am deeply passionate about entrepreneurship, and am a strong advocate of STEM and innovation; thereby, I have spent time working on projects which can lead to sustainable solutions to far-reaching problems. I want to educate all about the importance of action against climate change and pollution and become an ambassador of change. Some of the projects I have worked on help tackle issues of air pollution and cancer awareness.


Forever inquisitive to learn more, I am eager to travel the world and enrich my experiences. Passionate for science, writing, experimentation, and nature, I am someone with glory in mind! 


Springdales School:-

  1. School Prefect, Student Council

  2. House Captain, Peace House

  3. Executive Head, SPEX (Computers Club)

  4. Secretary, Quiz Club

  5. Technical Head, UNESCO Club

  6. Executive Member, Pi Club (Mathematics Club)

  7. Executive Member, Entrepreneurship Society

  8. Member, Interact Rotary Club

Outside School:-

  • Co-founder, Sowing Smiles

  • Co-founder, Carci-NO-gen

  • Co-founder and Technical Head, Evergrow

  • Chief of Staff, Vice-Chairperson - UEFA (AC-MUN)

  • Organizer and UID Incharge, The Sci-pher

  • Student Volunteer, Tamana Special School


  • AP Calculus AB - 5/5

  • AISSE, Class 10 - 98.4%

  • AP Physics C: Mechanics - 3/5

  • SAT - 1540/1600 (EBRW - 750, MATH - 790)

  • TOEFL iBT - 117/120 (30 | 30 | 29 | 28)


English, Hindi, French