Queen's Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition

Gold Award, 2020 - "Climate Action in the Commonwealth"

Silver Award, 2019 - "A Connected Commonwealth"

SISC at National University of Singapore, Science Quiz

May 2018. Participated in Singapore International Science Summer Camp. Learned about the latest scientific developments and technologies from diverse domains such as medicine, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing. 

Gold Award, International Science Quiz

Australian National Chemistry Quiz 2019

Received High Distinction in Grade 11.

National Financial Literacy Assessment Test, 2017-18

Received Merit Certificate for outstanding performance in the NCFE-NFLAT exam

Received the Dhruv Arora Memorial Scholarship for Meritorious Students in grade 12, for academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and commitment to succeed.

Received the Principal's Special Award for I.T. Skills in grade 12, for accomplishments in the field of Computer Science and demonstration of software excellence.

Received M.S. Bedi Memorial Special Award in grade 11 for "Best Student of the Science Stream" for topping the batch with an overall aggregate of 93%, academic, and other co-curricular accomplishments.

Received Certificate of Merit for Academic Excellence in grade 10 for topping the school batch and securing an overall aggregate of 98.4%.

Received Certificate of Merit for Good Academic Performance in grade 9 for topping the school batch and securing an overall aggregate of 93%.

Chief of Staff, Organizing Committee and Vice-Chairperson, UEFA - Athenian Conclave MUN

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, organized an E-MUN to provide a sense of normalcy and donated all proceeds to two organizations providing COVID relief.
Also, debated upon policies and laid the framework for Financial Fair Play Regulations in order to support teams in UEFA.

  • Received Overall Trophy for Outstanding Performance at COSMIC-350 Science Fest, Sanskriti School, in grade 11.

Also, received Bronze Award in Neutrino Science Quiz at the same event.

  • Organizer and User Interface Development Incharge, The SCI-PHER, an online cryptic hunt -

190+ students from all over India participated in the cryptic puzzle, which ran for 48 hours, posed a rigorous challenge, and encompassed 30 levels. Managed to raise 200$ which was donated to a COVID center.

  • Participated in Teri Green Olympiad for 3 years, and received Merit Certificate(2017).

  • Participated in Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) Conference, Hyderabad in 2019. Defended Argentina’s position on climate change In the World Health Organization.


ClearTax Internship Certificate

GlobalHunt Internship Certificate

Queen's Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition

Singapore International Science Camp, NUS

National Financial Literacy Assessment Test, 2017-18

Inspirit AI Program by Stanford Univeristy

TiE Young Entrepreneurs Programs

Internet of Things workshop at IIT, Delhi

Harvard University's Youth Lead the Change (YLC)

M.S. Bedi Memorial Topper of Science Stream Award

Certificate of Merit for Class X

Certificate of Merit for Class IX

Bronze Award, Neutrino Quiz, Sanskriti School

Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) Conference

X-Culture Academy Program


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