Regularly participated in programs and workshops at School's Atal Tinkering Lab and built the following projects with technologies of Arduino Uno microcontroller and IoT :-

• Waste-water Management Project
• Oceanic Temperature Probe

The projects were sent for model-making and innovation competitions such as at St. Columba's School.

Waste-water Management

Built the prototype of a water and waste conservation project in the school’s Atal Tinkering Lab to preserve water resources through a series of steps involving aeration, ultrafiltration, sedimentation reverse osmosis, activated carbon filtration, and more.

Oceanic Temperature Probe

Built the Oceanic Temperature Probe in the school’s Atal Tinkering Club, under the supervision of the physics professor. 
It is a research-based prototype model used to determine the temperature of ocean water with varying depths. This data can be used to make weather predictions and survey the occurrence of natural calamities like floods.