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Co-Founder, Sowing Smiles

In Grade 11, I was selected to be part of Harvard Youth Lead the Change (YLC) program, a leadership conference conducted by Harvard University for high-school students. Within this conference, I was able to develop leadership and interpersonal skills through a variety of analytical as well as ice-breaker activities. This program certainly touched upon aspects of what it means to be a "good-leader' in today's world. 

This program facilitated the creation of "Sowing Smiles', a youth-run non-profit that aims to eradicate air pollution using oxygenated plants, an organization that I co-founded with my like-minded peers.

"Sowing Smiles" is a social youth community aimed at eradicating 'Air Pollution' by conducting plantation drives. These drives shall encourage the use of air-purifying plants at educational institutions, housing societies, restaurants, and other workplaces. The organization has made 2000+ impressions and continues to expand daily! We also maintain an environmental blog where we post regularly about depreciating conditions for the environment.


The Sowing Smiles core team with the mentors at Harvard YLC